In our IoT world, OTA update is a must have. 

Need a fully integrated solution?

A full open source solution for your peace of mind

COST saving

PLUG AND PLAY, you save money and time, use the solution even for small projects


NO BLACK BOX OR LOCK-IN, rely on widespread proven effective technologies


FULL AUTONOMY OR SUPPORT you choose depending on your system needs


OPEN SOURCE BRICKS constantly optimizes over time with contributions

Your OTA update can be simple and robust

Open source

No Lock-in, proven effective software bricks

container based

Continuous integration, security and versatility

cloud agnostic

Deploy either on your premises or on any Cloud

Delta updates

Only updates differences between two deliveries

Forget downtime

Only wait for your applications to restart, everything else is done in the background


Whatever happens during an update, your device will always boot and run your applications

Ready to deploy at the Edge?

Get started today with FullMetalUpdate, a fully Open Source solution and start deploying your latest deep learning models with Tensor Flow lite or your gorgeous UI developped  with Qt!

Need assistance?

You have a custom hardware and have specific integration issues,

You wonder how to secure communication between your IoT devices and the Cloud,

We can help your team on all your specific challenges.

Contact us now!


This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


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