So, you want to contribute to this project! That’s awesome. However, before doing so, please read the following simple steps how to contribute.

Discuss the changes

  • First of all, open an issue in the repository, using the bug tracker, describing the contribution you would like to make, the bug you found or any other ideas you have. This will help us to get you started on the right foot.
  • Add the platform and software information.
  • It is recommended to wait for feedback before continuing to next steps. However, if the issue is clear (e.g. a typo) and the fix is simple, you can continue and fix it.

Making your changes

  • Fork the repository on GitHub
  • Create a new branch for your changes
  • Make your changes
  • Commit your changes into that branch
  • Use descriptive and meaningful commit messages
  • If you have a lot of commits squash them into a single commit
  • Push your changes to your branch in your forked repository

Creating a pull request

Open a pull request, and reference the initial issue in the pull request message (e.g. fixes #). Write a good description and title, so everybody will know what is fixed/improved.:

Wait for feedback

Before accepting your contributions, we will review them. You may get feedback about what should be fixed in your modified code. If so, just keep committing in your branch and the pull request will be updated automatically.

After submitting

Finally, your contributions will be merged! Do not use your branch for any other development, otherwise further changes that you make will be visible in the PR.

Contributions are more than welcome!


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You wonder how to secure communication between your IoT devices and the Cloud,

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This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


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